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So who am I ?

My name is Nick Watson and I am the owner and operator of EnviroMez Services based in Vernon in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada.  Energy efficient building practice is more than just another job for me, it is a real passion.

I set up EnviroMez to satisfy my need to feel like I was making a difference and I do this by providing services to help you build better, more comfortable and more energy efficient homes in a cost effective manner.

Things are changing fast in the home building industry in the province of BC. High performance construction is becoming the norm driven by strong leadership and targets by both Provincial and Municipal Government.

Rating systems like the Energuide Rating System (ERS) for New Houses support this initiative and help create a level playing field and an objective pathway to achieving high performance in construction. Standards like the ERS require energy modelling, on-site testing and verification, demonstrating a building's superior performance compared to a traditional 'minimum code' build.

The home energy simulation software I use plus my training and experience allows me to to work in partnership with you to create home energy upgrade packages that meet both your energy efficiency and financial goals. So you know how your build is going to perform before you break ground. 

The BC Energy Step Code is the latest initiative. It is built on the Energuide Rating System. Many Cities and Districts have already adopted the BC Energy Step Code into their By-Laws and see it as an effective means of delivering efficiency in new homes.

Check Here To See If Your Jurisdiction Is One Of Them

Simple things like creating an air tight building envelope along with modest upgrades can make a significant difference to the finished building's efficiency.

Things are simply going to get tougher for those who are reluctant to change.  Ease the pain by getting on board early and diving into the process with me. There is a huge amount of information available and lots of training opportunities out there.  Organizations like the Canadian Home Builders Association and BC Housing have put huge effort into moving this initiative forward.

If you want to see how you are doing, engage a Certified Energy Advisor like me to work with you on your designs. I can analyze your designs and provide practical feedback on where you are. I can also help you figure out what upgrades will provide best value and create cost effective energy upgrade packages that could be offered to potential customers.    

So dip your toes in the water, get in touch and let me help you do the best possible job on your next build.


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