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  • Get Energy Smart With Your Home Designs... Get it Modeled !

Feel confident about how your new home is going to perform by having your design analyzed using sophisticated energy simulation software before you even break ground...

Let me do a detailed 'Whole Home' energy analysis on your design, which includes pretty much every aspect and gives you objective answers. This is a really revealing process and will likely debunk a few myths about what you think need to do to build an energy efficient home and where it loses or gains heat.

Ultimately, this process helps you figure out which energy upgrades actually give you the best return on investment eliminating the guess work and helps you develop your construction techniques and approaches into the future.

Work with me to develop your best most energy efficient building specifications package that suits your budget and performance goals and then build it... again and again.

  • Get It Tested...

Did you know that achieving superior levels of air-tightness on your new home is basically a free energy upgrade and is also extremely important for home comfort, indoor air quality and envelope durability.

Let me complete a 'Mid-Construction' or 'Pre-Drywall' air leakage review on your home using specialist equipment referred to as a 'Blower Door' to identify air leakage through your building envelope during construction so you can fix it before it's too late. If you do nothing else, I believe that this is the cheapest and best energy efficiency upgrade you will ever do.

  • Get the Label...

Show potential buyers and clients that you are serious about energy efficiency by having your home tested and Energuide* rated.

Having your home formally 'Energuide' rated shows that the home you have built has been analyzed and tested for energy efficiency by an independent certified professional.

The Energuide Label which is provided by Natural Resources Canada and stuck to the electrical panel shows how much better a home built by you is than an identical home built to minimum code.

So get those bragging rights and show that you are serious about doing it better !

If you are looking at building a Net Zero or Net Zero Ready home... I can help with that too.

* Note: EnerGuide is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada and is used with permission.

  • Thinking About Renewables...

If you are thinking of adding Solar PV or Wind Power to your home design I can work with your preferred contractor and integrate these proposals into your home energy model so we can see what actual savings you are likely to get and what your return on investment looks like. I can also work with different scenarios to help you decide whether you do it now or build elements into your home design so you can add this technology in the future. 

Get the Permit...

If you are building in Penticton, Kelowna or Lake Country it is now mandatory that you have your home design and specifications analyzed. These jurisdictions have adopted the new BC Energy Step Code which requires a home performance report to be completed for the proposed design (for permit) and the as-built home (for occupancy).

Basically the BC Energy Step Code is a new initiative launched by the Province to give us a clear pathway to get all new homes to Net Zero Ready by 2032 and help us meet the Provinces Climate Change and GHG Emissions commitments. It consists of a staircase of 5 Steps 1 thru 5. To move up the Steps a home must meet progressively tougher performance targets for building envelope, mechanical systems and air-tightness.

Let me help you with this new process and make it easy and seamless for you.

Click Here to learn more about the BC Energy Step Code

  • Get Those Rebates

Last but not least. Did you know that FortisBC are offering generous rebates for those builders choosing to build to the BC Energy Step Code. You can receive between....  $3,400-00 (Step 2) to $10,400-00 (Step 5)..... if you choose to build your home to Step 2 or higher. The only rule is that the home has to use Fortis BC energy for primary Heating and Hot Water.

And here's the thing, most of you are already building to Step 2 or Step 3 and don't even know it so you are missing out.

Also, a number of Jurisdictions like Kelowna and Kamloops are also offering rebates for BC Energy Step Permits so that's worth checking out too.

I can manage and administer the whole process for you so don't miss out.

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